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A Blowout Performance Without A FAANG In Sight

The second-best performing mutual fund in the country over the past 12 months does not contain a single share from the high-flying FAANG stocks. Eden Rahim of Next Edge Capital explains how his Next Edge Bi0TEch Plus A fund shot up 47 per cent over...

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Eden Rahim On The line with BNN

Eden Rahim, portfolio manager and options strategist, Next Edge Capital joins BNN to discuss U.S. President Donald Trump’s meeting with U.S. drug makers....

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Best Buying Opportunity in 22 Years

Eden Rahim, portfolio manager and options strategist at Next Edge Capital, says the buying opportunity in late-stage biotech stocks is the best he’s ever seen. We talk valuations, takeover activity, drug discovery and Rahim’s top picks which include Acadia Pharmaceuticals, Portola Pharma and Neurocrine Bioscience....

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Rise in small-cap biotech signals return to fundamentals

Next Edge Bio-Tech Plus Fund portfolio manager and options strategist Eden Rahim appeared on BNN this morning, explaining how, despite the collapse of the sector’s two headline-grabbing titans, Concordia Healthcare (TSX:CXR, Nasdaq:CXRX) and Valeant Pharmaceuticals (TSX:VRX), the Canadian biotech sector remains aloft, driven by its...

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Canadian healthcare ‘bifurcated’

Eden Rahim, Portfolio Manager and Options Strategist at Next Edge Capital joins BNN to discuss the current state of the biotech industry. He says that Canada’s healthcare market has been “bifurcated” this year, with big pharma companies like Valeant and Concordia “hogging the headlines” and...

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Potential Takeover Targets in Biotech

Takeover activity has been on the rise in biotech as the cost of bringing a new drug to market has soared. Eden Rahim, Manager of the Next Edge Bio-Tech Plus Fund, says M&A is an important aspect of biotech investing. Here are 15 companies in...

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Buying time in biotech: A lower risk approach

Biotech stocks have been beaten lower after the past year and Eden Rahim, Portfolio Manager and Options Strategist, Next Edge Capital says investors should view the fall as a buying opportunity. He believes the market is undervalued and the big drop in the number of...

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Canadian Biotech in Focus: Risks and Opportunities

We continue our focus on investing in biotech with Eden Rahim, Portfolio Manager and Options Strategist, Next Edge Capital. While acknowledging the risks involved in biotech, Rahim says the sector is recovering with “considerable room to run.” He also says ‘a genomic/gene-editing revolution is underway...

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