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Rise in small-cap biotech signals return to fundamentals

Next Edge Bio-Tech Plus Fund portfolio manager and options strategist Eden Rahim appeared on BNN this morning, explaining how, despite the collapse of the sector’s two headline-grabbing titans, Concordia Healthcare (TSX:CXR, Nasdaq:CXRX) and Valeant Pharmaceuticals (TSX:VRX), the Canadian biotech sector remains aloft, driven by its...

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Canadian healthcare ‘bifurcated’

Eden Rahim, Portfolio Manager and Options Strategist at Next Edge Capital joins BNN to discuss the current state of the biotech industry. He says that Canada’s healthcare market has been “bifurcated” this year, with big pharma companies like Valeant and Concordia “hogging the headlines” and...

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Potential Takeover Targets in Biotech

Takeover activity has been on the rise in biotech as the cost of bringing a new drug to market has soared. Eden Rahim, Manager of the Next Edge Bio-Tech Plus Fund, says M&A is an important aspect of biotech investing. Here are 15 companies in...

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Buying time in biotech: A lower risk approach

Biotech stocks have been beaten lower after the past year and Eden Rahim, Portfolio Manager and Options Strategist, Next Edge Capital says investors should view the fall as a buying opportunity. He believes the market is undervalued and the big drop in the number of...

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Canadian Biotech in Focus: Risks and Opportunities

We continue our focus on investing in biotech with Eden Rahim, Portfolio Manager and Options Strategist, Next Edge Capital. While acknowledging the risks involved in biotech, Rahim says the sector is recovering with “considerable room to run.” He also says ‘a genomic/gene-editing revolution is underway...

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Embrace Low-Cap Biotech for High Gains

Eden Rahim of Toronto-based Next Edge Capital has had his share of multibagger and grand-slam successes, and is one of the few mutual fund managers who feels comfortable investing in micro-cap biotech names sideby-side with billion-dollar biotech stocks....

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A Biotech Stock Picker’s Paradise

Biotech stocks have been crushed to produce ‘the best valuations in years’, according to Eden Rahim, Portfolio Manager and Options Strategist, Next Edge Capital. Rahim says it’s a “biotech stock picker’s paradise.” He says you should focus on late-stage, cashed-up companies. Rahim’s top picks include:...

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Why you should be buying biotech stocks right now

January witnessed a rare and dreadful month where biotech indices fell over - 20%, and most biotech stocks fell much more. In fact, January was the seventh monthly decline exceeding -20% in past 27 years....

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Harness Biotech Volatility with an Options Strategy

Volatility is the nature of the biotech beast, and it must be tamed or utilized to advantage. That's the philosophy of Eden Rahim, portfolio manager and option strategist at Theta Strategies Capital. Can you grow a portfolio if some of your more successful names are...

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