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Next Edge Bio-Tech Fund

Next Edge Bio-Tech fund

CDN Biotech: Underinvested with Lots of Opportunity

Dec 04th, 2015

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CDN Biotech: Underinvested with Lots of Opportunity

December 4th 2015

Eden Rahim, Portfolio Manager and Options Strategist, Next Edge Capital says the biotech sector in Canada is vastly underinvested and it contains a lot of opportunity. Rahim – who manages the Next Edge Bio-Tech Plus Fund – says the Bull Market in Biotech has plenty of room to run higher and he’s amazed that it took “so long” for the market to wake-up to signs of trouble in the business model at Valeant.

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Fund Type
Commodity Pool
Inception Date
Minimum Initial Investment
CAD $5,000
Purchases / Redemptions
Weekly before 4pm (EST) on the third business day immediately preceding a redemption date.
Management Fee
Class A
2.25% per annum (1.25% servicing fee, payable out of the MGMT fee);
Class F
1.00% per annum
Valuation Pricing
Fund Codes
Class A - NEC 111
Class F - NEC 173