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Next Edge Private Debt Fund

Next Edge Private Debt Fund


March Performance Guidance

Although the current state of the economic environment is unprecedented and full of uncertainty, vast amounts of time have been spent speaking with our debtor clients to understand each of...

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Coronavirus Portfolio Update

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread and general fear amongst investors has become heightened, we felt it would be prudent to communicate our views and the impact we feel...

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Masterclass: Private Debt – Entering Private Debt

Rob Anton, Managing Director at Next Edge Capital, provides his insight on how private debt exploits inefficiencies to create arbitrage opportunities to capture yield. Watch this clip on “Masterclass: Private...

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Fund Type
Mutual Fund Trust
Inception Date
Minimum Initial Investment
CAD $10,000 for Accredited Investors only
Monthly with 90 days notice
Management Fee
Class A
1.50% (1.00% servicing fee payable out of the MGMT fee)
Class F1
Performance Fees
See Offering Memorandum
Valuation Pricing
8% per annum, paid monthly
Fund Codes (Interim – For Purchase)
Class A - NEC 448
Class F1 - NEC 442
Fund Codes (Final)
Class A - NEC 458
Class F1 - NEC 452