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Next Edge Bio-Tech Plus Fund

Next Edge Bio-Tech Plus Fund


Tech Companies Disrupting The Healthcare Sector

Health-tech is disrupting the health care industry at a staggering pace. Four leading tech entrepreneurs, working in different verticals, share their insights into personal health, the modern clinic, and diagnostic...

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U.S. Midterm & Health-care and Biotech

Eden Rahim, portfolio manager and options strategist at Next Edge Capital, joins BNN Bloomberg to provide insight on what the U.S. midterm elections could mean for the health-care and biotech...

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Next Edge Bio-Tech Barometer Chartbook

With the recent sharp decline in global equity markets and Biotech companies, resulting in a – 11% decline for the NBI and a stunning –17% for the XBI, many of...

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Fund Type
Mutual Fund Trust
Inception Date
January 2015
Minimum Initial Investment
CAD $5,000
Purchases / Redemptions
Management Fee
Class A
2.25% per annum; (1% Servicing Fee)
Class F
1.25% per annum
Performance Fees
20% of gains greater than the performance of the percentage gain or loss of the S&P/ TSX Capped Health Care Index (40%); and the percentage gain or loss of the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (60%)
Valuation Pricing
Fund Codes
Class A - NEC 213
Class F - NEC 214