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Next Edge AHL fund

Next Edge AHL fund


AHL Explains – Maximum Diversification

In the final chapter, Anthony builds on the previous Optimisation chapter (which you should watch first) and focuses on constructing the Maximum Diversification portfolio, i.e. the portfolio which captures as...

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AHL Explains – Optimisation

In this chapter, Anthony tackles the important methodological topic of Optimisation, and in particular Convex Optimisation, and shows through a worked example how it relates to the portfolio construction problem...

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AHL Explains – Machine Learning

In the third chapter of the series, Anthony explores some of the different areas within the hybrid discipline of Machine Learning. He uses an example binary classification problem to illustrate...

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AHL Explains – Breakout Trading

In this first chapter, Anthony sheds some light on Breakout Trading, which is one of the most popular systematic strategies and is widely used in trading Equities, Futures and FX...

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Fund Type
Mutual Fund Trust
Inception Date
Minimum Initial Investment
CAD $5,000
Purchases / Redemptions
Weekly before 4pm (EST) on the third business day immediately preceding a Valuation Date.
Management Fee
Class A
4.25% per annum (1.25% servicing fee, payable out of the MGMT fee)
Class F
3.00% per annum
Performance Fees
20% of profits above High Water Mark
Valuation Pricing
Fund Codes
Class A - NEC 111
Class F - NEC 173